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Dead End Brings Apocalyptic Zombie Panic to App Store – Win PromoCodes

Dead End for iPhone*Originally posted by Greg on AppTudes.

Zombies freak me out. Being cornered on a four way street with no exit point darn near makes me faint just thinking about it. Luckily, Dead End, by Randy O’Connor (iPhone iPod touch only) puts the power back in the human’s hands with powerful weapons such as a Gatling gun, pistol, shotgun and flamethrower.

In Dead End, a top-down survival shooter, the main character’s name is Harold and he finds himself in quite the zombie predicament. Because of his misfortune of waking up in the middle of zombie Armageddon, Harold only has one option for survival – panic mode in which he runs around throwing his arms about hoping for the best. The gamer is tasked with controlling Harold’s insanity to eventually gather much needed artillery and fight to the bitter end.

The gameplay is oddly setup in that the player only needs one control to maneuver Harold in, out and around the never-ending zombies. Yes, one control. Be default, Harold crazily runs around the screen bouncing off the virtual walls and the gamer taps the screen to stop him, which allows him to turn to a different direction. If Harold has a gun, then tapping the screen unleashes his gun-toting fury on the relents zombies. It’s an apocalyptic sight watching Harold mow down the flesh eating creatures.

Unfortunately for Harold, ammo is limited and must be refilled by reappearing ammo packs, which seem to not come fast enough, especially when all hell is breaking loose. The best strategy is to ensure you have an exit point through the mass hordes of killer zombies. However, with a limited life meter, this too proves difficult.

If Harold does manage to survive there are several bonuses for high scores, speed, accuracy and power bonuses. If achievements are the soup de jeur then Harold is in for a real treat as there are as many unlockable achievements are there are zombies in a horde, including “Zombies in a barrel” where Harold has to shoot 10 bullets, shells or flames without missing or “Zombie Hater” where he has to take out 50 zombies in one game.

For Harold’s ability to brave hundreds of zombies at once and the one-control gameplay twist, I highly recommend downloading Dead End. Beware, Dead End is not for people who give up easily as there will plenty of restarts on the path to conquering Harold’s panic in an effort to systematically and strategically annihilating the killer zombie hordes.

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