DataWiz Monitors Data Usage to Prevent High Smartphone Bills

DataWiz for iPhoneHow much data are you using? Sure, you know how much your data plan with AT&T or Verizon allows you, but how much are you really using on a day-to-day, weekly or  monthly basis? Princeton’s EDGE Lab recently released DataWiz, a smartphone data usage tracker that answers that sensitive question. It’s an important question for me and maybe many of you since data throttling can be a major issue. And the fact that I still have AT&T’s unlimited data plan … yes, unlimited.

For those on a limited data plan, DataWiz is the perfect solution to monitoring and keeping your data usage within your plan. With the new iPhone 5 LTE capability, streaming music and movie apps along with heavy gaming usage, monitoring with DataWiz will keep you from big, unforeseen data costs. Nobody likes a big cellular bill. And trying to navigate those bills and uncover where the costs came from is quite annoying too.

With DataWiz, you get an all-access pass to every detail of your data usage information. You can even turn on the VoIP feature, which allows you to measure cellular and Wi-Fi data in real-time … without killing your battery. I think where the app really shines is DataWiz’s built-in alerts. Based on the group’s prediction algorithms, the app can be set to alert you based on data usage quota caps. This is very useful, especially, if you have a small data plan.

Easily setup, you can add in your billing date, monthly cap and set alerts all in a matter of seconds. Once you’ve used the app, it you can check out data usage graphs that show your daily, weekly and monthly data usage over 3G and WiFi. It’s very intuitive setup and extremely useful. There is even a map function that shows you where you connected to WiFi.

In and every growing society dependent on data, DataWiz is an essential app to monitor data usage and keep smartphone bills down. Plus, it’s neat to see spikes on the graphs after streaming the latest episode of your favorite flick … or a feature length film on Netflix.

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