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Dark Eden HD is A Scary Multi-Media Reading Experience For Teens

Dark Eden HD for iPad*Originally posted on AppTudes.

Times have definitely changed in the publishing industry. Until recently, readers went to a book store or perused online for their print book of choice. Then there was the introduction of e-readers and eventually we saw major brick and mortar bookstores collapse.

Now, with the advent of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, NOOK Color, TouchPad (R.I.P.) and impending Amazon Fire, readers can now enjoy immersive reading experiences such as Dark Eden written by Patrick Carman and published by Harper Collins in print and by By PC Studio, Inc for iOS. (available for iPad here.)

In my opinion, this is the perfect strategy to reach the mobile-toting audience who may not always read books on their devices, but enjoy it from time to time. For me, I’ve only purchased digital books since I bought my iPad almost two years go, and this is the exact type of experience I’m looking to enjoy. A book that has extras, such as videos and pictures to help paint a more in-depth picture of the story unfolding.

The digital multi-media book follows fifteen-year-old Will Besting, who is sent to Fort Eden by his doctor. Unfortunately for Will, and the other six characters involved, the institution was meant to help patients from crippling phobias. Yes, scary. While this novel explores fear, betrayal, memory and immortality, the real experience is how the reader follows the story through the app.

First, the app introduces the reader to the main character Will and starts to introduce the story via an interactive map of Fort Eden and the nearby bunker. In this introductory or “Dark Eden: 101 – Arrival”, which is free to download, readers are able to explore the fort, click on a variety of tabs to unlock videos and information about the story. The videos are a great way to bring the reading further into the story.

While the app is a free download, each chapter is available for $.99 as an in-app purchase for a total of $9.99 for the entire book. For those readers, especially younger ones, looking to go beyond the pages and unlock another dimension to the storytelling experience, Dark Eden is an impressive digital multi-media book.

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