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Contre Jour and Infinity Field Now Available on iPhone

Contre Jour iPhoneIt’s thirsty Thursday… uh, I mean, it’s iPhone app throwdown Thursday. Ok, while we figure out a fantastical way to say “Chillingo has announced two new games,” we’ll just give you the details and let your mind think up a whimsical way to say the same thing.

Two new additions to the every-growing Chillingo app library now include Contre Jour, an E3 Game Critics Award nominee and Infinity Field, an award-winning iPad classic.

Contre Jour (iPhone $.99 / iPad $2.99) – Experience a contrasting world of light and dark with this E3 Game Critics Award nominee, as you guide Petit, a little black orb, through levels by manipulating the environment. Contre Jour blends thoughtful level design and addictive, challenging gameplay with unforgettable atmosphere. Mokus is the developer.

Infinity Field (iPhone $.99 / iPad $1.99) – The award-winning iPad classic, Infinity Field is now available on iPhone and iPod touch allowing you to blast geometric shapes across the galaxy. Try out a variety of game modes in what has been described as the definitive dual-stick shooter on the App Store. Infinity Field HD also received an update today, bringing stunning new sound effects, music, visuals, textures, particle effects, enhanced interface, and is fully optimized for the iPad 2. ForzeField Studios is the developer.

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