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Completion App Attacks Chaos with Organizational Fury

Completion GTD for iPhoneThere are as many get things done apps on the market as there are TPS Reports at Initech. While that might be exaggerated slightly, truthfully, there are hundreds of productivity apps and very few attack disorganization as head on as Completion.

What is most cumbersome about utilizing GTD apps is physically having to input the to-dos into the app. Another problem is that these productivity apps are mostly simple list builders. I don’t need lists. I need action items with due dates and notes and this is exactly what Completion does with a very visual and easy to use interface.

For me, if the task takes more time to setup in the app than it does to complete it I’ll move on. I was pleasantly surprised to see Completion has big visual squares that can be customized by categories. For instance, I have one for “App Reviews” and once clicked I can view tasks by group, due date or priority. The interface allows me to see an overview of tasks in an organized fashion.

What I like most about the app is its priority mechanics. The GTD app uses a sliding scale of zero to 100 with 100 being of high importance. Secondly, I love the home screen where you can literally tap, hold and drag to arrange projects for easy access.

Completion isn’t just for the business professional, it can be help organized just about anyone such as busy students with hectic class and social schedules or parents who are juggling work, life and daycare. It’s time to get off the crazy train.

Once setup, the app will help individuals overcome that overwhelming feeling by keeping them on task and out of chaos by reminding them what’s due, what’s high priority and what categories of similar tasks they can knock out. It literally helps cut a path through the day-to-day clutter for longterm organization.

It truly is a personal project management system where all work, school, personal projects, band practice appointments and tasks can be easily and visually organized. The ability to create tasks with details, categorize them into groups, set due dates, assign priority levels and add notes offers a way for all users to easy get things done and in a timely matter.

Completion helps keep track of the big picture, i.e. what’s the most pressing task in all projects, categories, etc., which can all be sorted in the master list view. This detailed view combined with personalizing with color adds exactly what it takes to get things done.

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