Combat Arms – Zombies Now Eating Brains in App Store

Combat Arms: Zombies for iOSCombat Arms: Zombies by Nexon Mobile is downright awesome. Why? It’s the first 3D Unreal Engine 3 game in the App Store, that’s why. That’s pretty amazing and will definitely put the competition to shame I’m sure.

This survival FPS game for iOS devices takes the popular Fireteam Mode from Nexon’s popular free-to-play online FPS, Combat Arms, and combines it with an immersive arena-based survival campaign. Combat Arms Online has over 8,000,000 registered users worldwide, and remains a staple in online gaming for North America, South America, and the European nations.

A single purchase of Combat Arms: Zombies will allow you free access to the game on your other iOS devices without making an additional purchase. It also comes with a bonus code usable in Combat Arms Online that will allow you to buy cash shop items for free as long as you reside in North America, Australia, New Zealand and Mexico.

Instead of reading more about this game, you should just download it. It’s amazing and will be well worth the cashola as it provides unreal zombie entertainment. Combat Arms: Zombies is available on the App Store.

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