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color patterns for ipadWriters have it and so do artists. The dreaded block of wit, creativity, inspiration and anything else that would help spark an idea, sentence or stroke of genius. One new tool for artists, drawers and doodlers that can help push them past this block is Color Patterns. The adult coloring app was developed to help you draw inspiration (pun intended) from the included dynamic design patterns and an expansive color palette.

Color Patterns isn’t for kids. In fact, the images included were designed specifically for adults. The collection within the app includes illustrations such as zigzag patterns, paisley prints, blocks, stripes and circles. I have to say, the app makes it so easy to get inspired and draw something.

Beyond the pages of patterns, you can sketch all sorts of ideas with a wide variety of colors as the app allows for mixing and matching of colors. You can choose from 90 different hues. All you need to get started is to launch the app and you’re taken to the pattern selection. From there, pick the pattern that pique’s your interest and select by tapping on it. You’re then presented with a few different options on the right of the app, including the color brush to choose your different hues, size brush to choose thicker or thinner, which makes creating detail or covering large spaces with one color very simple, an eraser and an undo brush. All the essentials.

Of course, Color Patterns has all the social features that you would expect such as the ability to save to Dropbox, Evernote and share to Instagram, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. This makes sharing your masterpieces easier than ever. If you really make something incredible, you can use the AirPrint feature to print it out and put it on the fridge or frame it as well as create a postcard with Sincerely’s print and ship ($1.99).

What I love about the Color Patterns is that it doesn’t get in the way of your creativity. It’s simply a color app that allows you to jump right in and start drawing from your inner Picaso. And if you’re stuck even after you launch the app … just remember these words from a wise fish, “Just keep swimming.” Meaning, pick a random color and a random size brush and just start doodling. Who knows, it my just be your next best project.

If you’re looking for a solid color app, sketch pad or need a bit of extra inspiration, I highly recommend downloading Color Patterns on the App Store.

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