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Chillingo Does Digibook: Cinderella Princess Is No Ugly Stepsister – Win PromoCode

Cinderella Princess for iOS*Originally posted by Hillary on AppTudes.

Cinderella Princess, (universal) by Chillingo, Ltd. is a charming interactive digital pop-up storybook that instantly draws young readers in with this timeless tale of an ordinary girl who is transformed into an extraordinary princess for one evening.

The interactive book market is a departure for Chillingo. However, with their solid reputation for creating high quality games with eye-catching graphics one would hope they would do the same with an interactive book, and they don’t disappoint.

Based on the original story by Charles Perrault, Cinderella Princess has the feel of another great iOS pop-up book, Grimm’s Rapunzel 3D.

Users have a choice of three reading options: read and play, read and record, and learn the words. Narration is available in both English and French.
The 3D is the most unusual feature – while not essential, the effect looks great on my iPad 2 – just make sure to have a pair of 3D glasses handy in order to check it out.

In “read and play with pop up” mode, readers can actively interact with the story. The narration is crystal clear and the voice acting suits the tale.

But, from an educational standpoint, what would make this digibook even better would be to have the text highlighted as the story is read.
The transition from pop-up to story is fluid.There are tasks to complete, which adds a gaming element. instruction are clear even for very young children.

The controls are easy to use. Pop-up scenes with interactive games are woven seamlessly into the story. This gives the child the option of playing without taking away from the narrative.

In the “read and record” mode , it is easy to record personal narration. This is great for parents who want to record their voice to read the story to their children, or for kids who want to take a stab at their own voice-overs.

With graphics that catch the reader’s eye, various reading options, bilingual narration and 3D graphics, Cinderella Princess is sure to please any princess in the making. The timeless classic is given a modern twist with pop-ups, professional narration, and illustrations that are perfect for the storyline. Chillingo hit it on the mark with their first interactive storybook.
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