Chokoblok, Conundrum and Doodlephrases are App Puzzling Fun

chokoblokIt’s Friday, Friday… ugh,  now that song is stuck in my head and now probably yours. Well, let me help by presenting to you three games that will take your mind back and provide a lot of fun, but also a lot of thinking and strategy… Chokoblok, Conundrum and Doodlephrases and all are from Von Nostrum Games.

Each is just as challenging as the other. Chokoblok, a board puzzle game, Conundrum a word and maths puzzler and Doodlephrases, a say what you see game where you have to work out the catch phrase. Have a great weekend!

Chokoblok ($.99) – The 3D puzzle game which gets you hooked until you complete it… Gamers are taken to a new level with this addictive new brain teaser.

The 3D puzzle-in-motion sucks players in as they strategically move the rectangular game pawn through the maze towards its end goal — keeping an eye out for “pressure tiles” which can alter the game board itself.

While at first glance this may seem simple, players quickly find that the precise movements needed to reach their goals require a far-from-simple thought process… and therein lies the infatuation.

Conundrum ($.99) – The countdown has begun… to the complete brainteaser…
Challenging you to get your thinking caps on and do your best in a variety of games.
Play 3 rounds of the alphabet game, making the selection of letters for you to use. Follow this with one round of the numbers game, selecting large or small for the stage. This sequence is of stages is repeated before the final ‘CONUNDRUM’ level!! Solve the anagram to score the points.

As simple as the title suggests, you choose the letters for the round of play! Drag and drop or double tap to move the tiles and create the longest word you can. Score points for each letter of your longest word – and earn double points for a 9-letter word!

Select a combination of large and small numbers to formulate a calculation to arrive at the randomly generated target. Each line is calculated separately, as though in brackets, with calculations made in the order they appear.

Doodlephrases ($1.99) – Think you have what it takes to correctly guess the well known phrase drawn out for you? How will you fare under pressure with a time limit? A game that is fun for all ages, stylish images will envelop your senses from the outset.

Frustrated by some you just can’t remember whilst delighted by others, these images and clips will have you playing game after game. Don’t forget to rate it 5* and comment if you want more images – with a positive response we will answer your wishes!

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