Taco Master for iOS

Chillingo Launches Emberwind, Taco Master and Snowball Run

Taco Master for iOSEmberwind (iPhone $.99 / iPad $1.99) – Help free the city of Grendale from the evil CandleFinger and his gremlin hordes. The city is under siege by mischievous gremlins and only a stubby little gnome watchman named Kindle Elderwood can answer the call for a hero. Soar through the clouds on your ancient snow owl and deploy your cane of justice to save the kingdom in this colorful adventure. TimeTrap is the developer. Check out their sweet game gear here.

Taco Master iOSTaco Master (iPhone $.99 / iPad $1.99) – Take orders and assemble fresh, tasty tacos as quick as you can in this fast-paced time management game. Use a variety of ingredients such as delicious spiced sausage and tongue-melting chili peppers. Feel the heat as the orders fly in, put together some crazy combinations, and score big bonuses. Kaxan Games is the developer.

Snowball Run (iPhone $.99) – Outrun the enormous snowball hurtling behind you to avoid being made into an abominable snow cone. Tap and swipe the screen to remove obstacles in your way or risk being squished. Snowball Run is a hilarious running game that’s great for players of all ages. Alegrium is the developer.

Chillingo is also offering Spoing HD at 50% off and Peter Packer HD is free for a limited time.

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