Chillingo Heads To The Wild West with Cowboy Guns HD

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Cowboy Guns HD developed by C2 Estudio and published by Chillingo (universal, or available for iPhone only $.99) just moseyed on into the App Store last week. It’s an entertaining duel stick shooter with a great storyline.

As the title implies this is game is based in the old Wild West, pardner, with all the atmosphere and presence of a Sergio Leone movie. Cowboy Guns is a top down shooter with a heart and soul.

Players might notice some graphical and gameplay similarities to such notable games as MiniGore HD, Gun Bros or any of the Lego games, like Harry Potter – Years 1-4 for iOS. But, Cowboy Guns marks an evolution of the genre. It combines much of the basic gameplay of popular shooters, but adds a compelling story and clever narrative to the package.

Cowboy Guns has three game modes: Adventure mode with the great story line, Survival Mode where endless enemies come from all directions and Bounty Hunter mode where gamers are rewarded for defeating more than 20 wanted criminals.

Players take control of our hero, a lonely gunslinger, who must defeat a notorious gang named the Crimson Jackets who are terrorizing local towns and villages.

Cowboy Guns is a mission based game. Players must track down outlaws, protect towns, defeat ringleaders (boss battles) and collect items such as sheriff badgers. All this to serves to advance story line and allow the player to get power ups, like bigger and better weapons.

The game uses the conventional dual stick style of control. The left stick controls the movement of the hero and the right controls where the gunslinger will shoot.

Players have a variety of weapons to use in order to complete each mission. Initially they’re given a classic ‘ol west six-shooter, but can eventually upgrade to a shotgun and dynamite by completing tasks and finding money.

The graphics of the game are very good, but they are nothing we haven’t seen before. The backgrounds are well drawn and perfectly suit the time period.

The frames rate is excellent with smooth and consistent movements with no slowdowns, which is a big plus for any shooter.

The real stand out, however, is the music. I didn’t see Ennio Morricone get any credit, but his influence is pervasive – each note screams classic spaghetti western. This game looks good and sounds great.

Cowboys Guns storyline distinguishes itself for others in the duel stick shooter genre. The game is not just a simple run and gun, it’s an adventure with a great classic old west storyline. Players will keep coming back just to complete the story. Whether for fans of dual shoots or action-adventures, I highly recommend this game.

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