Cellhelmet to Offer Guaranteed Screen Protection for iPhone, Tablets and More

cellhelmet screen protectors for iphone and tabletsCellpig, the makers of the cellhelmet iPhone 4 and 4S case that offers to replace or repair your iPhone should it break inside of their case, is expanding their offerings. While the project is already underway, they plan to ship mid-September with their guaranteed screen protection for most phones and tablets, via cellhelmet Screen Protectors, including the upcoming iPhone 5 (sixth generation iPhone). According to them, they are now the only company in the world guaranteeing that they’ll replace your screen/glass (phone or tablet), if you get a scratch through their screen protectors.

“When you’re spending $20 for a piece of plastic, you better get a guarantee that it’s going to protect your device from scratches,” said Bryan McHenry, cellhelmet Co-Founder.

I’ve had their cellhelmet case for my iPhone 4S for the past few weeks and my first impression is that it feels better in my hand than the actual iPhone, it looks sweet and it has already saved my phone from a few drops. The full review will be out soon.

In the mean time, be sure to check out their campaign on IndieGogo.

The cellhelmet screen protectors will retail at $19.99/$29.99, which is an extremely competitive price since it offers an unheard of guarantee against scratches.

The cellhelmet screen protection guarantee is good for one full year. The year begins the minute that your product is received. Each pack of screen protectors is specific to one device and is non-transferable. cellhelmet Screen Protectors must be registered within 30 days of purchase.


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