Cave Dweller

Cave Dweller Now Available in App Store

Cave DwellerCan you get all gold? Doubt it but the developer won’t hold it against you. And here’s what they have to say…

To win at the Cave Dweller iOS app, you must gather all of the bombs scattered around the level and get to the exit safely. By safely, we mean without getting trapped.

Walking sideways underneath blocks causes them to fall, changing the level as you go. If you fail to reach the exit with all of the bombs, you must restart and try again. You can earn medals for beating a level in the minimum amount of moves. Beating all the levels unlocks a special feature in the game’s options menu. Have fun and good luck.

We have also included a fantastic level editor for those inspired to create their own devious levels. This editor has the ability to automatically find solutions to custom levels and animate them for you. Have fun and good luck.

Features Include:
– Game Center & OpenFeint
– Achievements
– Leaderboards
– Challenges/Share Your Custom Maps

– 23 Super Challenging Maps
– Map Editor
– Virtual D-Pad or 2-Hand Controls (for visibility)
– Reverse Mode*
– DLC (10 New Maps!)
– Amazing Art With Retina Support!
– Fantastic Music/Sound Effects!

Check out the Cave Dweller iPhone app for $.99.

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