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Turn Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App with Mobiloud

mobiloud wordpress appMobile usage is skyrocketing and now there is no better time to port your site to a mobile app. But that’s expensive, right? Where do I start?

Hello WordPress blogger … meet your new best friend Mobiloud. The “turn your WordPress site into a native iPhone and iPad app” service launched this week by London-based 50pixels. With the Mobiloud application builder, you, as a blogger can literally flip a switch and get your very own app … without coding or design skills. Better yet, it’s supper cheap with plans starting at under $50 per month. I dare you to go price shop having an app developed for you. We’re talking thousands.

Mobiloud on Vimeo

I’ll be taking the plunge with AppyHour, so all of you readers (you know who you are … mom, dad, etc.), you’ll soon be able to catch up on all the latest iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and Mac Pro pricing news on your smartphone. Continue reading Turn Your WordPress Site into a Mobile App with Mobiloud

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Happy Birthday Blood Brothers from AppyHourTV

blood brothers happy birthday iphone ipad google play androidIn honor of the popular dark role-playing fantasy mobile game Blood Brothers celebrating its first birthday, DeNA has created a new data-packed infographic showcasing the some really amazing milestones the game has achieved in its first year on the App Store and Google Play. The numbers are quite staggering and well-deserved.

The anniversary infographic highlights Blood Brothers’ tremendous performance over the last year with stats including: Continue reading Happy Birthday Blood Brothers from AppyHourTV

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Color Patterns Drawing App Now Available

color patterns for ipadWriters have it and so do artists. The dreaded block of wit, creativity, inspiration and anything else that would help spark an idea, sentence or stroke of genius. One new tool for artists, drawers and doodlers that can help push them past this block is Color Patterns. The adult coloring app was developed to help you draw inspiration (pun intended) from the included dynamic design patterns and an expansive color palette.

Continue reading Color Patterns Drawing App Now Available

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Weekend Update – Mobile Games Conference, Alice of Hearts, Clear2Pay, Don’t Recycle

alice of hearts for iPhoneFrom Alison in Wonderland to a gaming conference news, this weekend and this morning have been quite busy as far as news go. To get you in the know, here are a few headlines for you.

Video Games Intelligence announced the launch of Independent’s Day, an afternoon of conference sessions and networking focused on indie mobile game development. The event will take place on May 13, prior to the start of its annual Mobile Gaming USA West conference in San Francisco on May 14-15.

The keynote speech will be given by Wilson Kriegel, the former chief revenue officer (CRO) of Draw Something creators OMGPOP. He currently serves as president of Paltalk, a leading provider of audio and video communications services. Continue reading Weekend Update – Mobile Games Conference, Alice of Hearts, Clear2Pay, Don’t Recycle

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Gap Pal Keeps Gadgets Safe, Secure and Easily Accessible

gap palNot again! You’re in your car waiting for an important call when you turn a corner and, Whoops! the phone slides into the crack and under your seat, out of reach. Is your center console so tangled with cords you can’t tell which one goes with which device? The solution is here: the Gap Pal ($29 Tablet Pals) fits elegantly into the crack next to your seat and keeps all your devices securely within reach, while also organizing cables and coins for the tollbooth. Taking your eyes off the road even for a second can lead to an accident, and the Gap Pal not only prevents items from slipping under the seat, but also helps drivers keep their attention focused on the road. Continue reading Gap Pal Keeps Gadgets Safe, Secure and Easily Accessible

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Top Game Apps for iPhone 5

Top Game Apps for iPhone 5The wait is over. You no have your jewel in your hand, but need to know the top game apps for iPhone 5. Well, look no further, here are a few must-have apps that support the larger iPhone 5 screen.

Lili – $4.99 – As seen on state at the Apple Keynote, Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics and a cinematic storyline. Tuned for new devices, Lili is one of the most visually-stunning games available on iOS. Continue reading Top Game Apps for iPhone 5

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Bingo Words Review – Get Your Fingers Tapping

Bingo Words for iPhone 5Bingo Words (free) from Win debuted on the App Store this week for iPhone and iPad just in time for new iPhone 5 owners to rack up some game time over the weekend. Bringing together all the best elements of Scrabble and Bingo, Bingo Words whips players into a frenzy of lightning quick word making, with short spurts of addictive gameplay in abundance.

And if you’re in for the long word action, think again as they won’t help you here. The only two things you’ll need is speed and accuracy, which will get your points jacked up on the leaderboards. Continue reading Bingo Words Review – Get Your Fingers Tapping

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