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KarPooler for iPhone

Friday Kid App Roundup – KarPooler and Sarah Little Fairy Grandma

KarPooler for iPhoneEducation is probably one of the fastest growing categories on the App Store and rightly so as the iPad and iPhone are great learning tools for kids. Two kids apps we’re going to take a look at today are Sarah Little Fairy Grandma ($2.99 iPad only), which helps kids learn about Alzheimer’s disease and KarPooler (free), not an education app, but it does help coordinate carpools and that’s fine by me.

KarPooler (free)
Developed by a real-life mom and dad, KarPooler is the fastest, quickest and most effective way to communicate with all the adults and children in your carpool(s), without wasting time searching or scrolling around your contact list. Continue reading Friday Kid App Roundup – KarPooler and Sarah Little Fairy Grandma

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Plants HD for iPad

Quick Hit – Plants HD for iPad Brings Nature to Life

Plants HD for iPadThe iPad as an educational tool is imminent, especially with high-quality interactive content provided by apps such as Plants HD. The educational app is a great way for students to learn about plants and their lifecycles. There is a plethora of information within the app including topics such as seeds, pollination, flowers, germination, trees, fruits, and dispersal.

The app developer includes scientific information about the various info and combines it with quiz and games to improve comprehension and make learning fun. The app brings up “Did You Know” hints such as “A honey bee visits about two million flowers to make one pound of honey.” That’s a lot of flying.

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