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Catch the Kid App Encourages New Mexico Travel and Offers 10k Prize

Catch the KidLove traveling? Love history? Love outlaws? Well, you’re in luck as you can now download the Catch the Kid iPhone app and combine all of it with a great trip to New Mexico. Plus, you have a chance to win $10,000. Not a bad trip idea, eh?

Billy the Kid, an infamous outlaw, is on the loose again (a very creative idea from M&C Saatchi) to encourage travel throughout the very beautiful state of New Mexico.

The iPhone app, now available on iTunes, allows you to create a posse profile within the app or online if you don’t own a smartphone.

Designated locations around New Mexico will unlock clues that lead to Billy’s New Mexico hideout. The more clues they collect, the more information they will have about where, when and how to capture “the Kid”. The first posse to present “The Kid” with an arrest warrant will win the $10,000 reward.

“‘Billy the Kid’ remains one of New Mexico’s most iconic and infamous characters,” said Monique Jacobson, New Mexico Tourism Cabinet Secretary. “M&C Saatchi really captured the intrigue surrounding Billy through a campaign that highlights the best New Mexico has to offer.”

The four :30 TV spots depict “Billy” in various locations throughout New Mexico, taunting viewers with his “superior elusivity,” and, in one spot, touting “No body captures Billy the Kid, except Billy the Kid.” He then attempts to fire a gun at his own wanted poster, only to discover the gun is not loaded. “Shot it with my eyeballs,” he smugly explains.

Players can unlock additional New Mexico travel deals and win prizes along the journey using the app specifically for this game. The app allows players to find Billy’s loot, which is virtually placed and hidden all over New Mexico in every county. Players can collect his money bag loot and use it to buy vacations, deals or even meals online in the general store section of the “Catch the Kid” website.

“We are looking to encourage New Mexicans to travel around their beautiful state and the campaign really captures the adventurous spirit of New Mexico,” said M&C Saatchi CEO of North America Huw Griffith. “With the addition of the smartphone app, it really enables us to take creative to a higher level of engagement with the consumer.”

The Catch the Kid app is perfect for people looking for an adventure and wanting to unlock a piece of history while having a chance at a $10,000 award.

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