CarrierCompare iPhone App Shows Best Service at Your Location

CarrierCompare for iPhoneDo you ever feel like you have the worst phone service ever? A new iPhone app called CarrierCompare will confirm or shed a little light on just how your carrier compares against the others.

For instance, I have AT&T and I’ve had it since time began (I was ported over via the Cingular buyout) and lately I’ve been feeling that my house was made of some sort of impenetrable super metal that I’ve never heard of before. One check of this app and I noticed that things could be worse.

AT&T actually scored higher than Verizon and Sprint. Of course, this is based on current location so I could go a few blocks over and it might change. The important thing to note is that I work from home so information is very valuable when considering the amount of client calls I have to conduct. A little piece of mind I guess.

Of course, I’m not alone with AT&T resulting in the top spot. SwayMarkets, the company behind CarrierCompare, worked with CCNMoney’s writer David Goldman on an exclusive to divulge that AT&T reigned supreme in some of our nation’s largest cities, including San Francisco, Los Angles, Chicago, D.C., Boston and New York. Verizon come in a close second on all and Sprint didn’t fair very well.

It’s not all that great for AT&T, and this I’ve felt before… and I’m sure most have too… the inconsistency of the network. For instance, did you notice that my screenshot above shows that I’m on the Edge network instead of 3G? Well, it’s different throughout the house, neighborhood and consistently 3G throughout the Vancouver / Portland area. But on a trip to Bend, OR last week my phone was in and out of service and in and out of Edge versus 3G almost on a minute by minute basis.

Based on the report from SwayMarkets, Goldman reported that “…AT&T delivers the most inconsistent experience, with speeds varying wildly depending on the time of day…”

Add in what they found out about AT&T’s “4G” service and I feel like I should switch:

“AT&T labels its enhanced 3G service as “4G,” but it’s not the same as its far faster 4G-LTE service. The company says its enhanced 3G service — the one it brands as “4G” — offers a “smoother, more consistent 4G experience overall” than Verizon’s.”

For now, I’m keeping AT&T, but my contract has been up for months now and while I skipped the iPhone 4S update, but who knows what I’m going to do when the possible 4-in iPhone 5 comes out. But I digress. In the mean time, make sure to check out CarrierCompare and see what you may or may not being missing out on.

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