Bop It! Is Still King of Party Games Even on iPad – PromoCode Slam and Giveaway

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I remember when Hasbro’s Bop It! first came out in toy stores and I remember the days of standing in a circle anticipating my turn and reveling in the thought of twisting, pulling and bopping. Since my gaming has gone mobile, Bop It! for iPad, by Electronic Arts (sold separately for iPhone $.99) is a much welcomed addition to my family’s mobile gaming library.

Bop It! has to be one of the most fun physical games I’ve ever played. And, now that it’s gone mobile and HD, I’m even more excited as I can go solo and battle against the leaderboards if the family isn’t around.

The developers really took advantage of the iOS platform in that the game utilizes the multi-touch screen to perfection. When the game says twist, players literally have to use two fingers and do a twisting motion. In fact not emulating the physical motion it will quickly mean game over.

Just like the various models of the toy, the game has various gadgets attached to a center bopping circle. The game calls out a serious of commands: “Twist it! Bop it! Spin it!”  and players must follow the instruction with the required motions and do it quickly.

With pulling, players can use one finger and it’s normally in the thumb position so it’s easy to just thumb it out. And bopping is as easy as simply tapping. As for graphics, the game features HD-quality so there’s some nice visuals.

If one’s into battling solo, they’re in luck since there are four challenging modes: classic for a continuous bop or twist and pull or take on one object at a time in sync to the beats of the accompanying music in basic mode. The two hardest modes are extreme which tasks players with managing up to six objects at a time or go for the speed challenge in blitz mode.

Show off high scores on leaderboards and Facebook. The best way to show off skills, however, is with a group of friends where everyone can play with an endless round of Pass It Basic or up the intensity in Pass It Extreme. For some serious fun, jump into the iPad-exclusive All Play mode with four friends and see how high the group can score.

And of course, there’s the inevitably craving for more and more, which is lucky because the developers are evilly awesome in that they’ve included “Bopjects” that can be unlocked and that require all kinds of moves such as spinning, flicking, cracking and more. Fans of the real thing and anyone who like fast-paced swipe and tap or keep-the-beat games won’t be disappointed.

The best part of Bop It! is the unknown factor. Will it be a twist? WIll it be a pull? Or will I have to bop it? And even though one would think such an easy concept would be, well, easy, my greatest difficulty is thinking too much. I often find myself assuming that since there’s been three bops in a row, it will inevitably be something else next. Wrong. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve failed that test.

With outstanding gameplay and beautifully executed HD-graphics, Bop It! offers the complete package of party fun for both the solo and team playing bopper. And at only $2.99, this app is well worth the money.

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