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Blogsy Make Blogging Truly Mobile On iPad

Blogsy for iPad Review*First appeared on AppTudes.

Since this review of Blogsy is going to be posted to a blog, it seemed logical that the best way to try it out would be to create the review right in Fomola’s blogging app. This app allows users to create posts for several popular hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger and Posterous from start to finish on the iPad. Blogsy not only has a visual as well as HTML editor, it allows for drag and drop placement of pictures and videos. The app integrates with Flickr, Picasa, YouTube and Google’s image search along with having access to the iPad photo library allowing users to access both images and videos with simple and intuitive moves.

Setting up Blogsy with the blog hosting site is quick and painless as are the basic functions, but the app comes complete with FAQs, text instructions and a series of video guides to help any level of blogger get going. Blogsy has a “write” side which is, of course where users enter text and code, and a “rich” side where the drag and drop formatting is done.

Adding titles, tags and categories is a breeze; Blogsy searches the blog for existing categories allowing a user to select from them, and all previously used tags are also available, or new one can be entered in the set up panel. This is the same place where authors can set publishing time and manage other logistics.

The app makes linking, something I spend about half my day doing, easier than it on a computer. Simply select the words to be linked and enter it manually if it’s known, or for most situations where URLs are too complicated to memorize, a browser opens from which users can again just drag and drop the information into place. The same is true for pictures and videos.

Blogsy integrates with all the services mentioned above, and once an image is selected it can be placed, resized and aligned on the “rich” side of the editor. Text formatting is simple and familiar. I am only familiar with WordPress, and compared to the text formatting I can do on site, there is minimal if any difference.

The one issue I can report upon without first seeing a preview of the post on my blog, is that switching between the two editors is easy, but is required so often in a graphics rich document that it can become tiresome. I am not entirely sure why text entry on the “rich” side is prohibited, but beyond that, creating this post has been just as effortless as creating it on my Mac and uploading it directly, even though I had never opened the app until an hour ago.

But, this review remains incomplete until I peek at the end result. Fortunately posts can be saved as drafts, so those new to Blogsy can see how it will integrate with their blog themes before committing the post to the internet’s perma-memory.

So how did it do? Frankly much better than I expected. But as I also expected, my blog’s particular third-party template could not be accommodated using the drag and drop features. Were I a coder, however, I am sure adding the appropriate instructions would not prove overly difficult. I will need to do a little formatting before I publish this post, but what you are seeing here now, is very close to what I made right from my iPad.
For those looking for a truly mobile and truly intuitive blogging solution on iPad look no further. Blogsy is a winner.

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