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Blobster is Pure App Gaming Sweetness

Blobster iOS App GamingBlobster may just be one of the funnest finger-flicking blobbing good times I’ve ever had on an iOS device. Flinging this little guy across a colorful world packed with adventure and hazards, this app provides everything that a true blockbuster should have – drama, villains, ups, downs, etc.

Add in special power ups that will get you to enormous blob sizes or shrink you to a tiny blob as well as help propel you across the stratosphere and there’s no reason you won’t have hours of fun with this friendly and fun game.

Blobster follows a “flubbery fella” (an unlikely gooey hero) as he battles the Big and Powerful Coporation from taking over Blobtopia, a quaint, colorful town.

Where most new apps fall short on creativity and action, Blobster powers ahead, showing mobile gaming fans that there still is a chance for breakout games that not only captivate your thumbs, but also your imagination.

And it’s that imagination that will be taking through beautifully designed levels where you must help blobby avoid pitfalls, water hazards, squish pesky bad guys and collect amazing power-ups on your way to cleaning up Blobtopia and defeating Blobzilla. And Blobzilla is one angry fella.

This iPhone and iPad app is definitely not short on content as it features forty unique levels, outstanding design quality that will keep players wanting more, easy and intuitive controls and a blast of a time collecting fun power ups. Come on, the ability to catapult your blob and near rocket speed, float like an angel or transform into a robot?

But it’s not all candy canes and lollipops. There are a lot of obstacles and a┬ávariety of pesky enemies to squash, each with their own special ability Blobster must overcome.

In conclusion, Blobster (iPhone $.99 / iPad $1.99) is pure blobbing sweetness.

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