Bingo Words Review – Get Your Fingers Tapping

Bingo Words for iPhone 5Bingo Words (free) from Win debuted on the App Store this week for iPhone and iPad just in time for new iPhone 5 owners to rack up some game time over the weekend. Bringing together all the best elements of Scrabble and Bingo, Bingo Words whips players into a frenzy of lightning quick word making, with short spurts of addictive gameplay in abundance.

And if you’re in for the long word action, think again as they won’t help you here. The only two things you’ll need is speed and accuracy, which will get your points jacked up on the leaderboards. Each player starts on an identical 5×5 grid like a bingo card, containing a number of stars. Below your gaming area are your bingo balls, each showing a single letter. Use these to form linked words across the grid, and make sure the stars are covered.

As stated, be fast as first to finish wins. Make sure to re-read that second to last sentence. You have to cover the stars to be able to score points. My first time through was a bit annoying because I don’t read directions … and had filled up the board whilst leaving a star uncovered and couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t score.

Bingo Words lets you play random opponents, but is also available on Facebook, meaning you can play and brag with all your friends. One thing on playing. You can automatically challenge your Facebook friends to a duel or pick a random opponent. When you do connect, this doesn’t mean that you’re actually playing them there at that moment. In fact, the games that I started took a bit for the player to actually play back as I had to send them a challenge request via the Facebook connection. I’m assuming as more people play, and they should because it’s fun, the quick gameplay will happen.

Overall, Bingo Words is a fast-paced, Scrabble and Bingo mixed concoction that’s not only fun to play, but also a brain teaser to get the old thinking muscles going. In short, this is an easy recommendation to download as it’s super addictive.

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