Big Fish Studios Releases New iPad Chapter in the World of Drawn

Big Fish Games recently launched on the iPad Drawn: Dark Flight HD, the sequel to iTune’s top-ranked Drawn: The Painted Tower. Already considered a critical success on the PC and Mac, Drawn : Dark Flight HD transforms the iPad into an interactive storybook. This second episode entertains both fans of classic adventure games and new audiences alike, and includes an additional quest and alternate ending previously only included in the Collector’s Edition.

Spanning multiple chapters in an enchanted kingdom, players of Drawn: Dark Flight HD explore dozens of stunning environments as they interact with magical paintings, musical theatres and books that spring to life, while defeating the shadows prowling the streets of Stonebriar. Featuring award-winning artwork, innovative puzzles and a visual hint system to help players of all skill levels, this family-friendly game will launch in five languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Japanese), so people around the world can enjoy the world of Drawn.

“Drawn: Dark Flight HD continues the tale of Iris and her quest to become Queen, while celebrating the creativity that has become a hallmark in this captivating cinematic adventure,” said Patrick Wylie, vice president of Big Fish Studios. “The artistic elements of Drawn: Dark Flight HD come to life on the iPad, enticing players to travel deeper into the Drawn universe.”

Designed from the ground up for any level of player, Drawn: Dark Flight HD’s multiple hint systems and clues on how to progress through the game ensures that all players – novice to expert – can finish the quest by choosing as much, or as little, help as they need. Skilled players also have something to earn and display with Game Center integration featuring 15 achievements.

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