Banjo Social Discovery App

Interview with Banjo CEO Damien Patton

Banjo Social Discovery App

I’ve been testing out Banjo, the new social discovery app, over the past week. I must say, I’m quite impressed. In a nutshell, the free iPhone app allows you to “discover what you’re missing.” For example, open Banjo and see what’s happening with your friends or others in your local area… or Paris.

The beauty of it, you can check Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and Gowalla all from one app thanks to Banjo’s CEO Damien Patton. I recently interviewed Patton and because I’d rather cut all of my boring questions out, I’ve only uploaded his answers directly to the YouTube channel.

Of course, you can read my full review on AppCraver. Also, don’t forget to give Banjo some Facebook and Twitter love.

Press Release: Banjo, a Palo Alto-based company that empowers social networking users with the ability to find what matters most to them, today launched a new social discovery service.

Banjo helps users explore social and local conversations across social networks and zero in on the most relevant updates happening nearby. Best of all, Banjo allows for social exploration no matter where the user is located, regardless of social network and without the need for an update or check-in.

Bringing Calm to Social Network ChaosWith so many social networks to choose from, mobile users are finding it impossible to keep up with the all the opportunities to connect with people. Banjo combines updates across social networks to create a single, integrated service that reveals real-time social connections nearby.

Whether it’s finding and connecting with local friends, making new connections with people who have similar interests or prospecting for new business opportunities, Banjo gives users control of the possibilities around them. With Banjo, users can decide if, when and how to connect, or to just browse and explore what’s happening in the world around them.

Banjo harnesses publicly-available social and local information and gives users the ability to filter that content based on their interest and location. While the possibilities of engaging with new connections are endless, here are a few ways users can take advantage of the serendipity created with Banjo:

  • Meet up with Friends and Colleagues: Say you’re at SFO airport and didn’t check in, tweet or make a social post, but your friend tweets about his flight being delayed. With Banjo, you can quickly discover that your friend is only a few gates away. With these real-time updates, Banjo allows you to never miss an opportunity to connect.
  • Discover Hidden Gems: Perhaps you’re on a summer trip, visiting NYC, and wondering where to eat, but you’re not familiar with the area. A quick check of Banjo reveals someone raving about a hip, new restaurant, and while you’re enjoying lunch there, you also discover a fabulous shoe sale going on just a few blocks away. Thanks to Banjo, you got a great meal and two new pairs of shoes and your NYC experience is a off to a great start. Now you can tap into the collective intelligence and insight of the people around you,  making relevant choices for your local expeditions – whatever they may be.
  • Explore Beyond Your Boundaries: Do you live, work, or travel in a small town without a lot of activity? Even if none of your friends or people nearby are updating their social networks, Banjo still allows for exploration of what’s happening elsewhere. No longer are you limited to the boundaries of your local networks; Banjo is “elastic” and allows you to check out what’s going on three, 30 – or even 3,000 – miles away. Pick your favorite spots and take a peek; because with Banjo, the ripple effect is what you make of it.


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  1. Honestly, this has been one of the most convenient and easy apps I have ever used. It’s nice to finally be able to see updates and post them all from one place. I also used Banjo to find places last minute, when I was in a hurry, so i’d say that’s pretty reliable!

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