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Kung Fu Fox HD Review

*Originally written by Greg Dawson for AppTudes.

Throwing stars and ninja kicks, that’s how Kung Fu Fox HD by iQin Mobile does it and I like its style. Ok, there are no ninja kicks involved in gameplay, but maybe that will be in a future update. I’m a big fan of physics-based puzzlers and this game does a really great job of refreshing the genre so it doesn’t seem like a “me too” version of what’s already out there. Continue reading Kung Fu Fox HD Review

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FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

*First appeared on AppTudes.

Not only does FX Photo Studio By MacPhun (sold separately in HD for iPad $2.99) have one of the jauntiest icons in the App store, it’s also a great go-to application for photo editing that offers a sleek GUI which is both fun and easy to use. Thanks to a recent update the app is now compatible with both the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Users can take a photo right from the app — the center of that multi-colored daisy houses a camera lens (or check out these AppTudes-approved iPhone camera apps). To work with an existing image tap the camera roll icon or import photo icon to add images to the app. FX Photo Studio is configured to download photos directly from Facebook, as soon as it receives user authorization. Not only does it access all of your photos, but it lets you edit any of your friends’ images as well. Continue reading FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

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Top 8 iPhone 4S Battery Saver Tips and Tricks

*First appeared on AppTudes.

I’ve noticed since the iOS 5 update that my iPad hasn’t kept as good of charge as of late. This posses a big problem for me as I’m a consultant and am on the go constantly. The improved battery life of the iPad over my previous Macbook was the primary reason I stopped using my laptop and went full-time with the iPad. At first, I thought it was because I continue to use it more and more each day and I still have the first version of the iPad. But still, it was working masterfully and keeping a beautifully charged icon until the update. It started to worry me so I did a bit of research and it looks like I’m not alone. Continue reading Top 8 iPhone 4S Battery Saver Tips and Tricks

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Blogsy for iPad Review

Blogsy Make Blogging Truly Mobile On iPad

Blogsy for iPad Review*First appeared on AppTudes.

Since this review of Blogsy is going to be posted to a blog, it seemed logical that the best way to try it out would be to create the review right in Fomola’s blogging app. This app allows users to create posts for several popular hosting sites like WordPress, Blogger and Posterous from start to finish on the iPad. Blogsy not only has a visual as well as HTML editor, it allows for drag and drop placement of pictures and videos. The app integrates with Flickr, Picasa, YouTube and Google’s image search along with having access to the iPad photo library allowing users to access both images and videos with simple and intuitive moves. Continue reading Blogsy Make Blogging Truly Mobile On iPad

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RaOne: Genesis Based on Bollywood Action Film RaOne

*First appeared on AppTudes.

RaOne, which stars Shah Rukh Khan and who also conceptualized the film, is now a mobile action-packed 3-D arcade game for iPad and iPhone. RaOne: Genesis, the free-to-play shooter game, puts the gamer in the role of G. One. Of course, like the Bollywood megastar, G. One is a mighty superhero who will stop at nothing until he defeats the “RaOne” and its minions and saves the world from its wrath. Continue reading RaOne: Genesis Based on Bollywood Action Film RaOne

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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Intense Mobile First Person Shooter

*Originally posted on AppTudes.

For fans of the FPS genre waiting for Modern Warfare 3 (I’m one of them), Gameloft has a extremely well done nugget of battling goodness waiting in the app store called Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation (universal) to tide over their appetite. In fact, gamers might be a bit full after playing this one. And at $6.99, I say bon appetite. Continue reading Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Intense Mobile First Person Shooter

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Super Crossfire HD Video Review

*First appeared on AppTudes.

Super Crossfire HD (universal) by Chillingo is a tremendously well done ode to the past when shooting invaders and asteroids on a two-dimensional screen down at the local arcade was all the rage. There’s only one other game that I’ve enjoyed almost as much in this genre and that was Infinity Field, which is also from Chillingo. See a pattern here? I think they’re onto something.

Continue reading Super Crossfire HD Video Review

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