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Sudoku Packs 2 HD for iPad

Sudoku Packs 2 HD Offers 1,200 Handpicked Puzzles for Pure Logic Fun

Sudoku Packs 2 HD for iPadSudoku Packs 2 HD for iPad (and iPhone) by Thumb Wizards makes me want to learn how to play the darn strategy game. Yes, I get the gist of it, but the part of the brain that is good at number crunching isn’t well versed in the language of mathematics. That’s why I absolutely the love the fact that they have a trainee section. Continue reading Sudoku Packs 2 HD Offers 1,200 Handpicked Puzzles for Pure Logic Fun

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An Easier Way to Share Photos- iLoader 2 for Facebook

iLoader 2 for FacebookSometimes uploading one picture to Facebook just isn’t enough. You have those moments where adding a group of photos would be so much better in helping tell the true story of your epic party from last night. Luckily, you don’t have to be stuck with single photos anymore as uploading a batch of photos and video to Facebook is much easier with iLoader 2, which takes the tedious uploading process and makes it fun and easier than ever.

iLoader 2 makes viewing your and your friends’ photos and videos fun and totally addicting. With options that allow you to view photos as a slideshow, trim videos before loading, and continue loading after clicking out of the app, sharing photos is enjoyable and saves you time.

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Plants HD for iPad

Quick Hit – Plants HD for iPad Brings Nature to Life

Plants HD for iPadThe iPad as an educational tool is imminent, especially with high-quality interactive content provided by apps such as Plants HD. The educational app is a great way for students to learn about plants and their lifecycles. There is a plethora of information within the app including topics such as seeds, pollination, flowers, germination, trees, fruits, and dispersal.

The app developer includes scientific information about the various info and combines it with quiz and games to improve comprehension and make learning fun. The app brings up “Did You Know” hints such as “A honey bee visits about two million flowers to make one pound of honey.” That’s a lot of flying.

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The Adventures of Tintin – The Game is Outstanding Movie Tie-In

The Adventures of Tintin – The Game (universal) by Gameloft is a brilliant tie-in to the movie. So much so that one would think the movie was based off of the game. What makes it so special is the emphasis and attention to exploration. At the heart of the game and the movie is a boy and his travels, which makes for an instant classic for the entire family. Continue reading The Adventures of Tintin – The Game is Outstanding Movie Tie-In

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Tap Tap Muppets Sing Way into App Store for iPhone

I have to admit. We are huge fans of The Muppets here at Studio 91 (aka the AppyHour studio). And we’re big fans of music, usually breaking out into bouts of longwinded singing duels. So when we heard that Tap Tap Muppets was available on iOS, we jumped at the chance to tell our loyal fans. And it’s FREE!

Disney Mobile today released Tap Tap Muppets for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Available for free from the App Store, it brings Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal and the rest of the gang together for what fans will surely agree is the most sensational celebration of their favorite Muppet music. Continue reading Tap Tap Muppets Sing Way into App Store for iPhone

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EA Mobile Announces Fantasy Safari for iOS

EA Mobile unveils its latest freemium mobile game today with Fantasy Safari for iPhone, iPod and iPad in the iTunes App Store.

Fantasy Safari allows players to create and customize their own unique Fantasy Safari Park full of magical creatures. Players can choose from 40 different types of fantasy creatures like fire breathing dragons, magical unicorns and mythical phoenixes. Continue reading EA Mobile Announces Fantasy Safari for iOS

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Worms Crazy Golf Features Exploding Worms

Worms Crazy Golf is a brazenly bonkers mixture of classic 2D Worms and hilarious eighteen-hole high jinks. Spread across a variety of weird and wonderful courses and featuring some mind-bendingly mental power-ups, this is the craziest golf you’ll ever play.

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