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Auracle Releases Four Beautiful New DigiBooks For Kids – Win PromoCodes

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Aruyn, Inc. consistently produces apps that are works of art themselves. Their interactive books in their Auracle line contain beautiful illustrations, captivating music, and meaningful stories that will speak to children and parents. With readability options that allow for readers to grow and develop, as well as a kid-friendly interface these iPad children’s stories are full of warmth and art, rather than lots of flashy features. The four titles we bring you today are all priced at $.99, but be sure to read below to see how you can win one of these great titles for the young people who share your iPad for free!

The Trees Grin Beside Me is based on the book of the same name by Michelle MacDonald. With gorgeous illustrations by Leah Davis, readers are drawn into the story. The message of the story is one of celebrating one’s gifts with nature. By making the analogy of the human body to nature and trees, the reader feels at one with the elements around them and is mindful of the mind-body connection. This is a great story for preschool to early primary grades. Readability options include read to me, read to myself, and auto play.

Red Riding Hood is the classic children’s tale comes to life on iPad. While neither flashy nor overtly distracting, the lessons of listening and obeying parents is always relevant. With read to me and read to myself options, Read Riding Hood can be easily used independently by children. The graphics are beautiful and speak to both children and parents. The narration of this app is smooth and engaging, and suit the deceptively dark theme of the story.

Winter Is, is based on the book of the same name by Ann Dixon. With gorgeous illustrations by Mindy Dwyer, readers are taken through the season of winter from start to finish. Children are instantly transported to a winter wonderland of snow, ice, holidays, and fun. With three reading setting – read to me, read to myself, and auto play – this app can engage the very young and grow with them as they become more proficient readers.

Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty is based on Lisa Dunn Dern’s book of the same name, with illustrations by Andrea Nicole- Yomtob. The story is about Duncan who is more than just a family dog. Duncan and family spend time volunteering in a hospital once a week. The story continues with the adventures and people that are in the hospital. The message that everyone has something to contribute is an all too important one, and Dr. Duncan Dog on Duty serves to deliver it in a delightful way that speaks to children.

Want to win a promo code for one of these great titles? To win one of the four book-apps featured here, all you have to do is leave a comment on AppTudes or visit AppTudes on Facebook and comment on the right thread there. Or you can tweet or retweet this review. Whichever you choose you will be entered in to a random draw. Winner’s will not be given a choice of book – but you will be given notification letting you know which one the code redeems so if you already have it you can pass it along.

Want more chances to win, you earn one entry for each method so each contestant can earn up to three entries. Contest Closes Thursday, October 6, at 3:00pm PDT. Good luck!

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