August App Revenue Report and How I Paid My Mortgage!

app revenue report
Show me the app revenue report!

Move over Rockefeller, I’m going to be rich according to my August App Revenue Report! Ok, that was extreme, but here’s a reality: I just paid my mortgage payment, car payment and half of my phone bill last month with my app business. I made $2,245.71, which is an average of about $72 per day. I almost tripled my app revenue from July, which was $788. What was the difference? A huge strategy shift in which games I deployed to the App Store. Instead of the short, quick games that have been my bread and butter for building up a base of income, I made a conscious decision to reinvest into games that will keep the player engaged and coming back for more. A few major shifts in findings:

  • In-App purchases went through the roof
  • eCPMs went bonkers
  • The games are still bringing in downloads weeks later
  • Apple highlighted the games higher and longer in their featured sections

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This huge jump in revenue was a welcomed event (and huge relief) and has reinvigorated my goal of replacing my As you may recall, June was pretty dang slow, down from $900+ in Here is a breakdown of my August App Revenue Report: Total = $2,245.71

  • $21.22 (down from $46.08) – Xplode
  • $.01 (down from $.04) – Admob
  • $138.35 (down from $144.29) – Applovin
  • $730.39 (up from $384.12) – Chartboost
  • $223.84 (up from $45.95) – Revmob
  • $1,131.90 (up from $168.15) – Paid and In-App Purchases

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