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Asinine Poetry Offers Pocket of Poems and Prose

Asinine Poetry AppAre you tired of merely reading great poetry and prose while your dreams of becoming a literary genius pass you by? Fear not, Asinine Poetry is now available on the iPhone.

Or as the developer puts it, “with this interactive version of the insanely popular online journal ASININE POETRY, you no longer have to be passive reader of poetry and prose.”

With the app, you get access to each new monthly issue, including poems and prose
 as well as the ability to listen to every episode of the Asinine Poetry podcast.

Another great feature of the Asinine Poetry app is that it allows you to record any of the works featured and submit them to be included in a future podcast
 as well as write your own asinine works and submit them, along with your recordings of them, to the journal
 and podcast. It’s like a virtual open mic night.

The interactiveness of the app is fairly helpful as you can like or dislike poems and prose along with read all the other biographies of all of the hack writers.

Launched in 1999, the Asinine Poetry online journal features humorous poetry and prose. The journal has published the likes of Daniel Thomas Moran, Allen Planz, Hal Sirowitz, Katharine Showalter, and Elizabeth Swados. The journal also features famous asinine poets by well-known poets such as Edward Lear, Ogden Nash, and James Whitcomb Riley.

Here’s a recent poem entry by Marc Carver.

I READ about a remedy for baldness.
It told me
that I had to mash up the root of a banana tree.
I did not have the root of a banana tree
so I bought some bananas in Tesco’s instead.

When I got home
I mashed the banana into my head
but it started to fall off
so I put the Tesco bag on my head
and sealed it with some sellotape.
After a few minutes I began to realize how stupid I looked
and thought about what people would say if they saw me like this.

After about ten minutes
I pulled off the bag
and washed the banana off
but I could not get it all off
it was all mashed up in my hair.
In the end I had to pull some of my hair out
To get it all out

I ended up with less hair than I had started with.
Life is so strange
don’t you think.

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