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Art Worker App Helps Price Your Talent

Art Worker iOSAs a consultant for the past several years, I’ve really had only one problem – putting a price tag on my experience. Budget proposals are a necessary evil, so I can only imagine having to put a price tag on artwork. But how do you put a price on someone’s creativity?

Luckily, the developers from Cipher Bunny (sounds cool, huh!) have created an app called Art Worker, which uses calculations based on research to assist you in puttingĀ a price on your priceless artwork.

Consider it your financial advisor, only this app only costs $2.99 and is extremely helpful without the nagging.

Artists are pretty much all the same (not creative wise), most of the time they just want to focus on their work and the last thing they want to do is talk about money. And a lot of the times artists really aren’t into the financial gains and are happy with just doing what they love.

“The motivations behind developing the App are quite different than you may imagine. Aside from being an app developer, I’m also an internationally practising visual artist and a Lecturer in Fine Art in a UK university,” said Dr. Justin McKeown of Cipher Bunny.” Given the diversity of practices art students and professionals are involved in these days, I became very interested in trying to work out a common way by which these very different practices could be valued economically.”

What Art Worker does is makes it easy for the artists and creative professionals to put a value on their skills and a price tag on what they should charge for artwork and services rendered. Some items might include workshops, artists talks, graphic design, photography, etc.

To sustain your business’ growth and ensure longevity, it is imperative as a freelancer to answer these difficult questions about money because ultimately, it will make doing what you love a lot easier. Besides, it instills confidence in your client as well. If you have confidence in your work, set your prices earlier and communicate well with your clients they will be more apt to come back and use you again.

Art Worker is very easy to use and they’ve done all the calculations for you so you’re not underselling your artwork or services. This app helps calculate base costs required to run your professional and personal life, artworks, workshops and talks. All you need to do is plug in numbers and the app will walk you through the steps.

For instance, when you open the app you can start calculating your hourly and day rate by going through Art Worker’s setup wizard, which includes adding studio, travel, phone, materials, savings etc. costs then calculates it on an annual basis and then provides you with what you should be charging hourly and for a day rate.

For the artist and creative professional, Art Worker truly is a “work of art” and will help you take the guesswork out of putting a price tag on your artwork and services. I especially liked the ease of use as I only had to plug in numbers and the calculations were instantaneously presented giving me a birds-eye view of what exactly I needed to charge. It’s a must buy.

About Developer Justin McKeown of Cipher Bunny

Since 1999, Dr. Justin McKeown has continually explored the interface between art and life through artworks, critical writing, curatorial projects and publishing. Active internationally, he is currently lecturing in Fine Art at University York St. John, York, England. He also is a regular contributor to Ireland’s leading art magazine Circa.

More About Why McKeown Developed Art Worker

I was also interested in the fact that most artists have a portfolio practice. As such, they may have several different strands to their annual income stream: i.e. selling artworks, delivering workshops, doing talks etc. I wanted to develop something that was of practical use that took into account how artists operate, that would allow them to understand and calculate value in their practices.

I developed a prototype of the app and gave it to professional artists working in a variety of disciplines including sculpture, painting, new media and performance art to test. With their feedback I developed the app as it currently is.

So the motivation was helping people involved in various forms of contemporary art practice to better understand value in their work in a way that took into account the means by which most artists earn money.

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