iPhone 4s and white iPod touch

Apple Adds Possible New iPod and iPhone SKUs to Inventory System

iPhone 4s and white iPod touchWe’re one week away from Apple’s intimate Cupertino media and potential iPhone 5 unveiling on October 4. Now, to add to the anticipation, 9to5Mac has discovered several new SKUs in Apple’s internal inventory system – new white iPod touch models and possibly an iPhone 4s.

Basically, the last version of the black iPod touch had a N81 SKU and the three new SKUs are N81A indicating no significant change therefore pointing to a white version. I would have liked to see more capacity, but everything points towards the current 8GB, 32GB and 64GB options staying the same.

While there wasn’t an outrageously different SKU indicating an iPhone 5 since even if it’s debuted next week it will still be a few weeks off for retail, there was a slight change to the current N90 SKU for the iPhone 4. The change is N90A, indicating there is probably an iPhone 4s in the works or an 8GB version of the iPhone 4. Hard to tell with just a letter added.

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