Angry Birds Space for iPhone and iPad

Angry Birds Space is an Intergalactic Out-of-this-World Smash Hit

It was inevitable. Angry Birds has not only taken over earth, but Angry Birds Space is taking over everything beyond our atmosphere too. Resistance is futile and I’m alright with it. In fact, I hope martians see my birds and fear strikes through their very soul should they ever feel like invading earth. Just remember little green men, my birds are angrier than yours.

But why download the game… it’s the same, right? Well, it’s the same idea, but gameplay mechanics now have one major factor to overcome – gravity. And it’s just enough to really add that extra bit of difficulty to not only enhance, but improve upon the overall goal of taking out those pesky pigs.

Rovio really came through on Angry Birds Space. It is as epic as I hoped it would be. I can’t impress upon you enough have much the extra gravity adds to gameplay. It is the reason you’ll continue to play through the 60 interstellar levels. The fun really starts when it’s a twofer gravity summit. Yes, it’s not just one gravity field, it’s two so you have to aim based on where you’d like your angry bird to be sucked into the forces of the next field.

“This is Rovio at its finest, and we are more than excited to bring Angry Birds Space to all our fans worldwide,” said Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio. “This launch marks a huge step for us as a company, and our whole team and partners have really pulled together to bring out a fantastic array of exciting products and experiences. We hope that our fans will find all things Angry Birds Space as delightful as the Rovio family does.”

And true to nature, this iteration offers many hidden goodies, secret levels and now cool space content. It’s available on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android devices, as well as the Mac and PC, with PC retail copies to follow shortly.

In short, Angry Birds Space is a must buy… that is if you feel like taking on hours of addictive and challenging gameplay in this intergalactic masterpiece.

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