Ally Mobile Banking app for iPhone

Ally Bank Hits 1M Users, Launches Mobile Banking App

Ally Mobile Banking app for iPhoneThose people with a smartphone and an account with Ally Bank have reason to celebrate as the Ally Mobile Banking app is now available on iPhone and Android as of today. And apparently, the bank is doing fairly well having just announced a $1.6 billing increase in retail deposits in the first quarter. If you don’t want to download the app, feel free to visit their new mobile banking website can can be accessed on any smartphone with Internet access.

Features available within the new apps and mobile website including checking account balances, searching transaction history, transferring money between Ally Bank accounts and locating ATMs and cash-back locations using the phone’s GPS capabilities.

Additionally, Ally Bank is offering a second app for non-customer Android and iPhone users, which will locate nearby ATMs and cash-back locations in the U.S. This app, called Ally’s ATM & Cash Locator, is available to the public and free to download at the App Store and Google Play Store.

“We’re excited to debut the first phase of Ally Mobile Banking, designed for the convenience of our customers and non-customers alike,” said Diane Morais, deposits and product innovation executive, Ally Bank. “By ensuring quick and easy access to money and account information away from home, we expect Ally Bank’s new apps to meet the needs of today’s busy consumers.”

The second phase of Ally Mobile Banking is planned to launch later in 2012 and will feature expanded capabilities including bill pay, Ally eCheck Deposit, and transfers outside of Ally Bank—to other financial institutions, or to friends and family by using Popmoney, a simple way to send money without writing a check or getting cash.

In the mean time, download Ally Mobile Banking.

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