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Airport Scanner for iPhone coming to AndroidWho thought the airport security line could be so much fun? Well, The Kedlin Company, the folks who brought you the luggage scanning game Airport Scanner to iPhone and iPad, is partnering up with Pocket Gems to bring the same title to Android via Google Play. Hitting the #1 spot on the App Store in 2012 worldwide, Airport Scanner throws you in the unlikely (and in real life probably not the funnest job in the world) role of a TSA baggage screener. Definitely the best way to pass the time while in line. Read on for the full announcement.

Airport Scanner has been downloaded more than 7 million times for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Data from the game will be used to power a Duke University study aimed at improving real-world luggage screening.

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“Airport Scanner has been wildly popular on iOS devices, and we’re delighted to bring the game to Android users worldwide,” said Jameel Khalfan, who oversees publishing at Pocket Gems. Airport Scanner becomes the third launched title published by Pocket Gems.

“We’re stoked to bring Airport Scanner to Android this June; it’s such a great game that we simply couldn’t let just iOS users have all of the fun,” said Ben Sharpe, CEO of the Kedlin Company. “Pocket Gems has a successful track record of creating games that people love, and we value their expertise and appreciate their unique approach to publishing. They made it possible for us to bring Airport Scanner to the Android platform; without them we’re not sure it would’ve happened.”

In Airport Scanner, players operate a life-like XRAY baggage scanner and quickly identify illegal items such as bomb components, weapons and liquid containers over 3.4 ounces, while getting legit passengers through security on time.

Kedlin is working in partnership with Dr. Stephen Mitroff of Duke University’s Visual Cognition Laboratory to provide anonymous gameplay data to answer questions about real-world baggage screening that can’t easily be tested in the lab. With funding from the Transportation Security Administration, Mitroff has tried to further understand what makes one person a better visual searcher than someone else, and ultimately, improve airport security. Dr. Mitroff approached Kedlin earlier this year about a partnership, and the Android launch will provide Mitroff and his team with a trove of valuable data to further power their research.

“High accuracy during visual searches is critical for professionals like TSA officers and radiologists, as any missed target can have life-or-death consequences,” said Dr. Mitroff. “It’s vital to understand how individuals learn these skills best and what factors lead to accurate performance, and the data collected from Airport Scanner enable my team to assess and learn from hundreds of thousands of individuals on accuracy, response time, false alarms, the ability to avoid distraction, the ability to multitask and more.”

While you wait for the Android version, make sure to pick it up on iOS Airport Scanner.

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