greg-dawson-profile-picAh, the crazy world of apps. I’ve been in the space since the beginning … as a PR consultant for app developers (indie and major publishers), writer and just all-around app nut. I started AppyHour.tv as a way to organize my favorite apps, but as I’ve moved more into development, I’m starting to realize a lot of what I’ve experienced over the past several years can help other developers – the good and the bad.

For instance, the easiest way to make money is to develop quick and easy apps and utilize an ad monetization platform such as Chartboost, ApplovinĀ or Revmob to make money off the people playing your games or using your apps.

Why is it easier? Well, you can buy a pre made source code for a few hundred dollars, add in some unique artwork and deploy within a week and start making money right away. That’s what I’ve learned to do and ever since then have been making a profit.

Interested in how much money I’ve made to-date via apps? Warning, it’s not enough to buy and island, but I’m able to have one helluva time at the Tiki bar!

May 2014 App Revenue Report (Includes January 2013 – May 2014)

Here’s to learning a few bits of info to help you make a few more dollars!

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