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Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

SENSOGLOVE: 10% off SensoGlove digital golf glove and FREE shipping at from November 25th – December 2nd.  Use promo code: Christmas2011.

IBIKE:  $100 off any iBike Dash Power (Black) bicycle trainer computer systems:  iSport ($299, normally $399), iPro ($459, normally $559), iAero ($559, normally $659), and iBike Dash +Power ($649, normally $749). Friday, Nov. 25 – Sunday, Nov 27.

ARTRAGE:  ArtRage for iPad painting software for $4.99 (previously $6.99), ArtRage 3.5 Studio for $19.90 (previously $40), ArtRage 3.5 Studio Pro for $49.90 (previously $80). Starting November 16, 2011.

SPEAKAL:  30% off all iPod/iPhone docking station speaker systems products (includes iHog, iKurv, mi-Soccer, and more).  Use Coupon code: BF201101. Continue reading Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

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mi-soccer speakal docking station

Speakal Launches mi-Soccer iPod and iPhone Docking Station Speaker

mi-soccer speakal docking stationGather round soccer and futbol fans, Speakal launched mi-Soccer ($99.99), the soccer ball shaped iPod/iPhone docking station speaker system. Licensed by the Major League Soccer (MLS), mi-Soccer makes a memorable gift for the growing base of soccer fans that enjoy watching and/or playing soccer, for those who want to show off their enthusiasm for the sport, and for music fans that love high-quality audio. Continue reading Speakal Launches mi-Soccer iPod and iPhone Docking Station Speaker

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Tap Tap Muppets Sing Way into App Store for iPhone

I have to admit. We are huge fans of The Muppets here at Studio 91 (aka the AppyHour studio). And we’re big fans of music, usually breaking out into bouts of longwinded singing duels. So when we heard that Tap Tap Muppets was available on iOS, we jumped at the chance to tell our loyal fans. And it’s FREE!

Disney Mobile today released Tap Tap Muppets for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Available for free from the App Store, it brings Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, Animal and the rest of the gang together for what fans will surely agree is the most sensational celebration of their favorite Muppet music. Continue reading Tap Tap Muppets Sing Way into App Store for iPhone

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Video Review – Superman for iPhone and iPad

Lex Luthor ain’t got nothin’ on Superman. Check out the video review below. What do you think? A hit?

Continue reading Video Review – Superman for iPhone and iPad

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GamesAid Darts Night is Back in the UK

(UK News) GamesAid, a UK games industry charity for children and young  people, is happy to announce that due to unpredicted demand its famous darts night returns on Wednesday 23rd November at The Horseshoe pub, 24 Clerkenwell Close, London, EC1R 0AG. Sponsored by recruitment specialists MPG Universal it promises to be a top flight night out. Players are welcome to enter as a pair or get paired up on the night. And once again players are encouraged to come along in fancy dress and bring their own walk on music. Continue reading GamesAid Darts Night is Back in the UK

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FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

*First appeared on AppTudes.

Not only does FX Photo Studio By MacPhun (sold separately in HD for iPad $2.99) have one of the jauntiest icons in the App store, it’s also a great go-to application for photo editing that offers a sleek GUI which is both fun and easy to use. Thanks to a recent update the app is now compatible with both the iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Users can take a photo right from the app — the center of that multi-colored daisy houses a camera lens (or check out these AppTudes-approved iPhone camera apps). To work with an existing image tap the camera roll icon or import photo icon to add images to the app. FX Photo Studio is configured to download photos directly from Facebook, as soon as it receives user authorization. Not only does it access all of your photos, but it lets you edit any of your friends’ images as well. Continue reading FX Photo Studio For iOS Is Fun And Nearly Fool-Proof

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Top 8 iPhone 4S Battery Saver Tips and Tricks

*First appeared on AppTudes.

I’ve noticed since the iOS 5 update that my iPad hasn’t kept as good of charge as of late. This posses a big problem for me as I’m a consultant and am on the go constantly. The improved battery life of the iPad over my previous Macbook was the primary reason I stopped using my laptop and went full-time with the iPad. At first, I thought it was because I continue to use it more and more each day and I still have the first version of the iPad. But still, it was working masterfully and keeping a beautifully charged icon until the update. It started to worry me so I did a bit of research and it looks like I’m not alone. Continue reading Top 8 iPhone 4S Battery Saver Tips and Tricks

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