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Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation Video Trailer

If you’re still on the fence about buying Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation… check this trailer out. It will help you make a decision. In fact, skip the trailer and download it now as you won’t be disappointed.

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Saving Moo Video Trailer

What is it with aliens and livestock? Otherworldly invaders intent on abducting your Moos must be repelled in this hilarious and addictive arcade game. Outfit your cows with some of the craziest weapons you’ve seen, such as chicken cannons and a TV launcher. With challenging, fast-paced gameplay and tongue-in-cheek style, Saving Moo is a must-have.

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Super Crossfire HD Video Review

*First appeared on AppTudes.

Super Crossfire HD (universal) by Chillingo is a tremendously well done ode to the past when shooting invaders and asteroids on a two-dimensional screen down at the local arcade was all the rage. There’s only one other game that I’ve enjoyed almost as much in this genre and that was Infinity Field, which is also from Chillingo. See a pattern here? I think they’re onto something.

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Worms Crazy Golf Features Exploding Worms

Worms Crazy Golf is a brazenly bonkers mixture of classic 2D Worms and hilarious eighteen-hole high jinks. Spread across a variety of weird and wonderful courses and featuring some mind-bendingly mental power-ups, this is the craziest golf you’ll ever play.

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First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals for iPhone

First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals

First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals for iPhone*Originally posted by Hannah on AppTudes.

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the US and an incredibly popular language option in most schools. First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals by Anlock (iPhone iPod touch only) is the first app to teach Spanish using phonics. Little linguists who are learning Spanish, are taught how to pronounce each letter, and then put them together to name their favorite animals. Continue reading First Spanish Words with Phonics: Learning Animals

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Super Clone for iPhone

Blast Through Space With Super Cyclone

Super Clone for iPhone*Originally posted by Andrew on AppTudes.

Super Cyclone, from is a killer shooter because it brings together many features to create a game that stands apart from others in the genre for iOS.

Super Cyclone takes place in the far reaches of outer space, where a lone pilot is sent on a mission to defend the stargates from a strange species of aliens. The wellbeing of the entire solar system is placed squarely on the player. If the stargates are destroyed the aliens will be free to enter our solar system and wreak havoc upon humanity. Continue reading Blast Through Space With Super Cyclone

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