First Look of New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Here’s the first image of the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus … looks big and I want one!

iphone 6 iphone 6 plus

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Specs of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Edgeless; the cover glass curves around the sides (nifty)
  • Slimmer
  • New Retina HD display; full sRGB wide color gamut
  • Dual-domain pixels for wider angle of view
  • The cover glass is “ion-strengthened”
  • iPhone 6 has 4.7-inch display
    • resolution of 1334 by 750 w/ 226 pixels / 720p
    • one million pixels
  • iPhone 6 Plus has 5.5-inch display
    • resolution of 1920 by 1080 w/ 401 pixels / 1080p
    • two million pixels
  • Thinnest iPhones ever made
    • iPhone 6 is 6.9 mm
    • iPhone 6 Plus i 7.1mm (they used the word “smidge”
  • A8 chip has up to 25% faster processing power and up to 50% faster graphics
  • There is a new landscape view for iPhone 6 Plus

iphone 6 plus landscape view

iphone 6 plus landscape view homescreen


I have to say, this is pretty exciting for game developers and just app developers in general. Bigger screens, faster performance … going to see some epics games come out especially for the iPhone 6 Plus.

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August App Revenue Report and How I Paid My Mortgage!

app revenue report
Show me the app revenue report!

Move over Rockefeller, I’m going to be rich according to my August App Revenue Report! Ok, that was extreme, but here’s a reality: I just paid my mortgage payment, car payment and half of my phone bill last month with my app business. I made $2,245.71, which is an average of about $72 per day. I almost tripled my app revenue from July, which was $788. What was the difference? A huge strategy shift in which games I deployed to the App Store. Instead of the short, quick games that have been my bread and butter for building up a base of income, I made a conscious decision to reinvest into games that will keep the player engaged and coming back for more. A few major shifts in findings: Continue reading August App Revenue Report and How I Paid My Mortgage!

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July App Revenue Report

Show me the revenue report!

As you may recall, June was pretty dang slow, down from $900+ in May to under $700. I had quite a bit going on in my day jobbie job and was focusing on a few bigger apps. I’m stoked that one of my bigger apps I launched as made over $300 in just a few days and is showing a lot of promise … more on that in my next report. But first, here is the July App Revenue Report, which comes in at  $788, a nice $110 bump over June. What was different?

  • I did some tweaking on Chartboost and dropped some advertisers that were getting a lot of clicks, but no installs.
  • I had two new smaller games launch.
  • And it seems as if eCPMs were just higher overall, meaning more advertisers fighting for users.

As I mentioned in my last report, I’ve been trying to focus on outsourcing a lot of my work on some of my new source codes to free up my time and try to make the app game automatic. Continue reading July App Revenue Report

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2048 Source Code and My New Jupiter Tile Puzzle Game

screen568x568-3Last month, I purchased the 2048 source code from Angela’s App Services. The best part was that the code was actual free if you bought the programming upgrade. Now, I know I’m a bit behind the 2048 storm, but the price was right and I saw something pretty cool that Angela’s team did. Instead of another black / white or other color scheme, they actually put a theme to it. So I thought, that’s neat, why can’t I do that? So I did.

I decided to purchase artwork through them too. All told, I spent $578 ($399 for artwork, $149 for artwork and $30 for ASO into six languages) for a turnkey game that I didn’t have to touch. Well, I put my ad IDs in and switched it over to my Apple ID info.

I went with a Galaxy / Alien theme, that I believe turned out pretty darn good. I actually have been playing the game, which is a good sign, I hope. It’s called Galaxy Jump – The Jupiter Tile Puzzle Challenge. Currently, I have it set to $.99 and it’s featured towards the top of some paid charts in various countries in their new section. I only have the “more apps” button working with ads. I’ll have an ad supported version out soon. Continue reading 2048 Source Code and My New Jupiter Tile Puzzle Game

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Timberman Source Code on Chupamobile Review

HEROWell, we already have the new Flappy Bird and it’s called Timberman. So simple it’s addictive, Timberman truly is a gem of a game … so much so that it has nearly 4,000 ratings with a 4.5 average and is trending at the top of the App Store charts. So naturally, I wanted to find the source code and make a few new themes for it. Luckily, it only took me about 2 minutes to find the Timberman source code on Chupamobile.

I can honestly say that it is setup to monetize.

Priced at just $139 for a single user license and $199 for a multiple app license, the Timberman source code is a very interesting prospect to add to your app portfolio or start your app empire with. And as of last count … there are only 8 apps tagged with the keyword Timberman sooooo, you’re welcome. That’s a little App Store Optimization (ASO) trick for you.

Why do I like Timberman source code? Continue reading Timberman Source Code on Chupamobile Review

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June 2014 App Revenue Report and App Outsourcing Tips

Show me the revenue report!

Well, June is in the books and I’m down a few hundo from $916.36 in May 2014 to $668.14 in June 2014. The good news is that there are a few reasons why It’s down. The biggest reason is that the last few months have been particularly busy in my day-to-day career of being an App PR / Marketing consultant. I’ve helped several companies launch apps and so my own development has suffered.

But there is a silver lining in this “woe is me” for not having enough time: OUTSOURCING. I’m finally starting to give up a lot of the day-to-day artwork and development of apps to my outsourcing team. A few short lessons on outsourcing: Continue reading June 2014 App Revenue Report and App Outsourcing Tips

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quality app codes

Get 7 App Codes for $214 Each, Carter Thomas went Insane!

quality app codesI received the below email from Angela Hayes from AngelasAppServices and was quite intrigued … so much so that I bought the 7 App Codes within about a minute of reading her email and then watching the quick video Carter Thomas of Bluecloud Solutions put together. If you are looking for quality app codes that actually make money and have the proof to show it … definitely take a look at this pack. Think you only have a day or so left to buy.

Why I’m excited about it? Turnkey. I’ve been grinding away at quick, simple codes that really only make money via Ads and occasionally they make revenue via in-app purchases. The seven codes I just bought are making a killing on in-app purchases, which ups your revenue tremendously if the code works right. And based on the revenue reports … they do. Anyway, check out the email and links below for more info. If you do buy, good luck! Continue reading Get 7 App Codes for $214 Each, Carter Thomas went Insane!

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